MIDDLETOWN MEDICAL Occupation Medicine Program

Your partner for the treatment and prevention of workplace injuries.


Our 4,000 square foot Center in Chester, N.Y., provides everything needed to evaluate, diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses suffered by your employees.

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Our goal is to remain in constant communication with the employer and return the injured employee back to work safely and as quickly as possible.


Our Urgent Care center in Middletown is opened Till Midnight. Rest assure you will have access till Midnight to Urgent Care for your injured workers and those that need post accident drug screens

Dedicated Fast Track

We provide a unique Dedicated Fast Track system whereby our board-certified providers are trained to perform quick evaluations regarding causality (work relatedness), pre-existing conditions and OSHA compliance. They review the employees relevant history, perform a thorough examination, order appropriate testing and initiate early aggressive treatment as required to return the injured employee back to work safely as quickly as possible.

Our Services

In order to provide efficient “One-Stop” treatment, we also provide On-Site Services such as: Radiology, Laboratory testing and Physical Therapy, as well as a full spectrum of affiliated Specialty services including: Orthopedics, General surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Neurology and Pain Management.


We believe that Communication is essential for providing optimal outcomes for the injured employee and employer alike. If indicated, we will make every attempt to return the injured employee back to work with reasonable restrictions and allow the employer to decide if they can accommodate those restrictions.

Our internal Triad Communication among the medical director, physical therapist and account manager provides a Case Management Team approach, optimizing the overall outcome for both employer and employee.

Why Choose Middletown Medical?

Middletown Medical is very sensitive to the issues facing the employer as a result of work related injury or illness namely: lost productivity, safety compliance and escalating costs. Middletown Medical recognizes the role of Occupational Medicine in this regard, which specifically deals with the evaluation, treatment and prevention of such work-related medical and safety issues. With Middletown Medical’s renewed focus and dedicated occupational medicine program, we will be better equipped to provide effective and dependable solutions for all of your employee health needs and foster a safe work environment, while returning your injured employee back to work in an efficient and appropriate manner.

In addition to our Fast Track Occupational Medicine service, we also provide our excellent traditional Urgent Care services for all of your non-work-related injuries and illnesses, at the same convenient locations.

We are further committed to the Following Services:

  • Provide for all of your employee health and safety needs, from pre-employment physicals to acute injury care and rehabilitation
  • Provide additional consultations as required by our affiliated Specialists
  • Reduce Worker's Compensation costs, while increasing employee productivity, morale, health and safety