Physical Therapy (ON SITE)

We approach Physical Therapy from a Sports Medicine perspective.


We offer a wide range of On-Site modalities and treatments by certified Physical Therapists specially trained to provide direct oversight of our Aggressive return to work protocols. Our proactive approach of early intervention, training and strengthening exercises is intended to help prevent re-injuries.

We approach Physical Therapy from a Sports Medicine perspective. Employees work each day as “industrial athletes “while employers strive to keep them safe, healthy and productive. Providing physical therapy in-house enables our physicians and therapists to initiate early treatment and work together as a “Case Management Team” in order to ensure optimal outcomes and reduced costs. From the patient’s perspective, it provides for early Treatment, early Education and early Motivation and Responsibility.

In addition to acute injury care we offer:

  • Physical Abilities Testing (PAT): Post Offer, Post Injury and Return To Work (RTW)This testing enables an employer to more effectively access an applicant's ability to perform the physical demands and essential functions of a position based on the particular job description. This is more likely to improve job performance and satisfaction, while reducing potential for injury and lost work time. The end result being enhanced productivity and reduced medical indemnity costs. Additionally, these tests provide valuable information during the post injury recovery phase and regarding an employees ability to perform modified or full return to work duties, thereby reducing the risk of re-injury. The physical ability testing generally includes; grip strength, static push and pull strength, static and dynamic lift range and strength at specific heights and frequencies, a carry component, positional work tolerance and aerobic capacity.
  • Ergonomic (work site) assessments for injury prevention and reduction of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD), thereby maximizing employee productivity and safety while maintaining OSHA compliance.


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